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November 6, 2016
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Gjirokastra is a city in southern Albania. Its old town is part of  UNESCO,as a world heritage site,since 2005. Gjirokastra is situated on the ‘’Mali i gjerë’’ mountain,in front of it is Lunxhëri mountain.These two mauntains are divided by the valley of Drino river. The old city of Gjirokastër is situated aproximately 300 metres above sea level. Thus,it has a magnific landscape.

The city is overlooked by Gjirokastër Fortress, where the National Folcloric Festival is held every five years. The last one is held on 2015. So if you visit Gjirokastër during this festival you will have extra entertainment,very interesting things to see and a lot of activities organized by the staff of the festival which everyone can enjoy for free. So count the years J

You may have heard of Gjirokastër maybe as the birthplace of former Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha or notable international writer Ismail Kadare. But,if you come yourself you will learn a lot more!!!

The total population is 25,301 (2011 census), in a total area of 469.25 square kilometres (181.18 sq mi). We are peaceful and welcoming! You can speak in english almost everywhere.

If you decide to spend some days in Gjirokastër,we guarantee you have a lot to see!

Gjirokastra is sorrounded by a beautiful wild nature only a few minutes to a few hours distant.

It has a lot of old churches, a few mosques,a few ‘teqe’ (religious places) and the most important thing is that,as you may have heard,people with different religious beliefs live in harmony with each-other. So feel free to keep your favorite religious symbols with you! No one cares 😉

What we mentioned till now is just a bite of real Gjirokastra!

So pack your bags and come!

You are asking yourself what do we offer to make your days in Gjirokaster comfortable,interesting and worthy??

Let us tell you,,,

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