About Gjirokastra
November 6, 2016
The Store
November 7, 2016

We give very importance to healthy eating and we ensure to buy fresh and naturally grown meat,vegetables, fruits,dairy and every product made in Gjirokaster. We love to take care and update our menu every season,so we cook seasonal products.That’s why at our restaurant you will find every season a different menu. We also want to keep alive our traditional recipies and tipically albanian cooking techniques. Of course you can enjoy regional wine,homemade tea,beers ect.
At our restaurant you will have the chance to enjoy albanian traditional recipies as above:
Traditional breakfast:
-albanian pancakes
-traditional homemade pita bread)
-homemade bread
-fresh milk (from cows that live free and naturally in Gjirokaster)
-albanian white cheese
-albanian traditional cheddar cheese
-albanian homemade yogurt
-fresh or melted butter
-regional honey
-homemade jam from seasonal fruits (not imported,without conservants)
-albanian ham
-eggs from chickens that live free and naturally in our environment

Traditional lunch:
-seasonal salads with fresh vegetables and fruits
-soups with seasonal vegetables
-various albanian pies
-laropit/traditional recipe with spinach,corn flour ect
-qifqi/tradiotional recipe with rice,eggs,salt ect
-traditional albanian meatballs
-casserole with filled peppers/eggplants/tomatoes/pumpkins
-albanian traditional casserole with lamb,yogurt ect
-lamb ribs
-chicken or pork sticks
-lamb leg oven baked
– veal fillet
-fresh fish from Saranda (a seaside city which is only 56 km away from Gjirokaster)

Traditional desserts :
-Fresh seasonal albanian fruits
-fresh homemade smoothies
-syltjash (homemade tradiotional dessert with milk,rice,sugar,vanilla)
– ashure (homemade traditional dessert with wheat,sugar,cinnamon,nuts)
-qumeshtor (homemade,trditional dessert with milk,eggs,sugar ect)
-hasude (homemade traditional dessert with flour,sugar,butter,nuts)

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